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Additional Perks Moving Companies Provide

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If you plan on hiring a moving company to haul away your belongings to be positioned in a new location, you likely know they provide transportation service. In addition, many moving companies have extra amenities that make moving day much easier. Here are some add-on services your moving company may provide.

Packing Services

If you do not have time to pack up each item you need to move, your moving company may be able to assist with this tedious task. Many moving companies have packaging services available to help you get your belongings completely prepped for a ride in a truck. In most cases, the moving company also provides the packaging materials for an added cost. This saves you plenty of time as you simply need to alert the moving company about the items you intend on transporting, and employees handle wrapping, covering, and containing them properly so they do not become damaged while in transit.

Break Down And Assembly

Many times people have larger items that require disassembly so they fit inside a moving truck. When the belongings get to their destination, you are responsible for putting them back together again. That is of course if you do not use a moving service to do the work for you. Many moving companies have employees readily available to handle the taking apart and putting together of furniture, electronics, machinery, and other bulky items. If you have instruction manuals available for any of the large pieces you need to move, pass them along to your moving company and request disassembly and reassembly services.

Positioning Of Your Belongings

When your belongings arrive at their destination, you do not want them to sit at the curb for you to have to carry them inside of your structure. Rely on your moving company to handle the positioning of large or heavy items for you instead. This frees up your time to handle other important tasks. You also do not need to exert energy on lifting the items yourself. If you have a particular plan in mind for where furniture pieces are to be placed, provide them to the moving company so they can follow your instructions. If you prefer to set up items on your own, consider labeling boxes and furniture pieces with labels indicating what room they are to be placed in when they arrive at your new location with the moving service.

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