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Tips For Moving Pianos Safely

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Moving pianos has always proved difficult due to their heavy and oversized nature. Some of them weigh over 1000 pounds and all of them have many delicate parts. Therefore, you must be extra cautious when moving your piano from one house to another. The tips below should help you move large pianos safely.

Ask for Help

Unless you want to risk damaging your piano, you should never attempt to move it by yourself. Any attempt to lift a piano alone can lead to back and neck injuries. Moving a piano requires at least three or four people. If you don't have friends around, consider enlisting the help of professional piano movers. Amazingly, hiring piano movers is your best bet if you want to avoid damages and injuries.

Get the Right Equipment

If you have tried to lift a piano, you definitely know how heavy it is. Even if you were to get help from friends, you'd still find it challenging to move the piano. You can, however, make piano moving easier by hiring or buying some equipment. Piano moving requires you to have a dolly or hand truck, lifting straps, and tie-down straps. With these supplies, moving the piano should be pretty straightforward.

Clear the Paths

Some people don't remember to clear the pathways when moving a piano. And as you know, pianos are pretty large to fit in tight spaces. Therefore, you'll need to move everything standing in the way. Ensure that the pathways are all clear before attempting to move the piano. Otherwise, any objects on the path will cause unnecessary delays or injuries as well. 

Protect the Sides of Your Piano

Considering how large pianos are, you'll need to be extra careful not to damage the sides of your piano. You want your piano to arrive at its intended destination safe and sound. As such, you'll have to cover it with a moving blanket as you maneuver the stairwell and corners. The blanket will protect the piano's finish. You can also have a person stand on the sides to ensure all is well.

Secure the Piano Nicely

Assuming that you have managed to load your piano into the truck, you'll now need to secure it nicely. You don't want the piano rocking back and forth while the truck is on the move. You'll need to secure it with ropes and straps. Once you secure the piano, you won't need to worry about the piano getting scratched.

By following these tips, you won't have to fret about your piano breaking or getting scratched. If that proves difficult, just hire piano movers, and they'll sort you out.

Contact a local piano moving service to learn more.