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Prioritizing The Unpacking Process: Helpful Hints For Unpacking After A Big Move

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Unpacking after a big move can seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make the process easy and less stressful. Use this guide to help you through the moving process so you can begin to feel at home in your new house or apartment.

Clean In The Morning

Cleaning your new home will be easier without having a lot of boxes and furniture in the way. Head over to your new home before your moving company brings your boxes over, and do all of the prep work you need to feel comfortable in your home. Pack paper towels, a mop, your vacuum cleaner, and any cleaning supplies you need, and move these items to the new home yourself. Once you are done cleaning, you'll be ready to welcome the movers to the house and direct them to where they need to place your belongings.

Pack The Way You Want To Unpack

When you pack your boxes, pack them in the same order you want to unpack them. Don't put all of the items in your closet and dresser in one box. Instead, pack smaller boxes for each drawer in your dresser and for your closet. This way you can simply transfer the contents from each box into the corresponding area. You can also use this method for your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Unpack The Kitchen And Bedrooms First

You don't need to use your living room right away, and your bathroom will require minimal unpacking (adding toilet paper, soap and towels only takes a minute). Instead, focus on the rooms you'll need to get organized right away. You'll want to unpack your coffeemaker, mugs, cookware, and dishes in the kitchen so they can be used right away, and setting up the beds will help you to sleep well on your first night in your new home.

Pack Necessities Boxes For Each Family Member

Having the essential items each member of your family needs organized will make it easier to unpack. Assign one bag or box for each person in your family, and pack a change of clothing, any prescription medications they take, and their personal electronics and chargers. Even if you aren't able to unpack all of your boxes on the first day, this ensures everyone has the items they need for the first night/morning in the new home.

As you plan your move, talk to your moving company about any additional service it offers. In some cases, you may be able to pay a little extra to have someone help unpack all of your boxes and arrange your furniture for you. Contact a company like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co to get started.