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Evaluating the Anti-Burglary Features of a Self-Storage Facility

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Most self-storage facilities are well protected from would-be burglars. However, you can't rule out the possibility of a few facilities being easy targets for thieves. Therefore, the onus is on you to research your storage facility to determine the level of investment it has made in deterring potential burglars. Here are some of the factors that confirm a facility is well-protected.

It Is Well Lit

Many burglaries involving self-storage facilities occur in those that are poorly lit. This is understandable given that few burglars would work well in a well-lit place. Consider, for example, a burglar trying to break a lock at a well-lit doorway and another burglar trying to do the same in a dark doorway. The thief working in a well-lit area is likely to give up sooner than their compatriot working in the dark. Therefore, choose a facility with excellent outdoor lighting all around it.

It Is Not Located in a High-Crime Area

A storage facility located in a high-crime neighborhood is also more likely to be broken into than another one located in an area with low to moderate crime rates. There are several tips you can use to gauge the crime rate of an area; here are some of them.

  • Research crime reports in local news.
  • Research crime statistics using online resources, such as and
  • Perform online research focused on the area to get a feel for the kind of news reports it generates.

It Has Excellent Security Systems

Lastly, the storage facility should also be equipped with excellent security systems. Here are some of the features the security system should include:

  • Video cameras
  • Strong perimeter fence
  • Computerized gate or door access with individual codes
  • Individual door alarms

It Is Manned Overnight

Finally, you should know that a burglary is more likely to take place in an unmanned facility than a manned one. Burglars tend to look for easy pickings; they will do anything to avoid human confrontation if possible. Therefore, a storage facility with a night manager is more likely to be secure than a comparable facility without a night manager.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you get a self-storage facility where your items will be safe. Before you rent a unit, talk to the manager and confirm that the security deterrents actually work as advertised. For example, you may want to test the video surveillance cameras in operation. Start contacting companies such as Father & Son Moving & Storage today to find out about their security choices.