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Want To Store Items Of High Value In Outdoor Storage? 3 Ways To Maximize Storage Unit Security

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Storing valuables is something that people normally do inside their home. It is where they feel the most comfortable keeping these possessions that may be of enormous monetary or sentimental value. But, if you live in a small home, you might not have the room you need to comfortably store these belongings. The easiest solution to a problem like this is renting a storage unit as no work is required. It beats building a storage shed or changing everything around on the inside of your garage to fit more items inside. To feel confident about storage unit security, you should consider a few things before renting.

In a Security Camera's Path

It is imperative to check out the facility before you sign up online. The prices might be tempting, but you will appreciate being able to walk around the premises before you start paying for an outdoor storage unit. A great quality to seek out is being in the direct path of a security camera. When it swivels right in the direction that your potential storage unit could be, you know that criminals will look elsewhere.

Ample Lighting at Night

For a security camera to actually be effective at night, bright light is essential.  Standard lights are beneficial because they will always be on, and thus will deter people from entering. With these lights, the security cameras are sure to catch anyone sneaking around. But, if you get a chance to visit in the evening, you will find it beneficial when there are motion-sensor lights implemented as well. These lights will give thieves a little shock as they traverse through the rows of storage units. It may be enough to deter them when they know they are so close to getting caught in action. So, the ideal location for a storage unit is one that has both standard lighting and motion-sensor lighting in the area.

A Worthy Lock

Although you may be given a basic lock for storing your goods upon signing a rental contract, you do not want to use this kind of lock to maximize the protection of your possessions. It is better to have "too much" security by investing in a lock that protects the shackle to keep it from breaking easily. A lock like this can take upwards of 10 minutes to cut through, which is often too long and risky for thieves. The $50 that it may cost you will provide you with a lock that you can feel confident with using for years to come.

If you have been hesitant to rent a storage unit, these tips will help to ease your worries. For more information, contact local professionals like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights.