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A Single Parent's Guide To A Stress-Free Moving Day

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Moving home is hard work, especially when you are a single parent trying to do everything by yourself. Here are the top four tips to make moving day less stressful for a single parent.

Ask for All the Help You Can

Don't be afraid to ask for help. It could be to help pack some boxes or just to take the children for a few hours so you can do the packing. When it comes to moving day, ask for people to help load and unload vans and keep kids occupied during the boring parts. That way, you can just focus on the actual move and where things will go in the new place.

If you can afford it, hire movers to do it all for you. It will certainly be worth the extra pennies when you can focus on your children and get them settled.

Involve the Older Kids

If your children are old enough to help, get them involved. You can give them tasks through the day, such as cleaning specific rooms, or get them to help with the smaller boxes.

Younger kids can even get involved by decorating boxes and writing a list of things that are in them. Those that can't write yet can always draw pictures of the items in the box. This will keep your children occupied and allow them the chance to be involved in the moving process.

Plan Everything in Advance

Don't leave everything to the last minute. Be as organized as possible with boxes, packing, and hiring the movers. Make lists of all that you'll need to do and cross them off one by one. This way you'll notice if something is missing before it becomes a major issue.

Keep paperwork easy to hand. Make sure the kids realize just how important the paperwork is and that they don't touch it without talk to you about it first.

Discuss the Move

Kids can be unsettled in a move, big or small. It's so important to help them feel comfortable about moving to a new home and letting them know what it means. It could mean a different school, new friends, and new groups. It could also mean leaving family members your children have always been close to. Discuss this as much as they want and be open to finding out places for them to go online before the actual move. That way they can be ready when the time comes and feel excited rather than apprehensive.

Don't make moving day any harder than it has to be. As a single parent, you want the focus to be on the kids. Ask for help when you need it and be organized as early as possible. Click here for info.