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Four Things To Do Before You Start Moving Boxes Into Your New Home

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When you finally arrive at your new residence with a whole moving truck filled with boxes and furniture, you probably can't wait to get things in their proper places and set up your new living space. But before you rush into unpacking, there are a few things you should do in the new home or apartment.

Take pictures.

This is especially important if you are renting. When it comes time to move out, you will want to have pictures to compare the current state of the apartment to. This may prevent your landlord taking money out of your security deposit for damage that was there when you moved in. It's a lot easier to photograph an empty apartment, and you're less likely to miss important things like a ding in the wall or a missing tile when the place is empty.

Taking pictures can also prove helpful if you bought the home. If you ever need to make a homeowner's insurance claim, the photos can be used as proof of the previous, non-damaged condition of the home.

Clean the floors.

Most homeowners don't move their furniture and clean under or behind it nearly as often as they wish they did. So, give the floors a good, thorough cleaning now before you have furniture and stacks of boxes to work around. Give them time to dry completely before you do start moving items in. You don't want to trap moisture under furniture, as this could cause the floor and the furniture to mold.

Decide which, if any, rooms you'll be painting.

You don't want to move a bunch of boxes into a room only to decide a day later that you'll be painting the room and will need to relocate those boxes. Do a walk-through before you start unloading the truck, and plan on leaving rooms that need painting empty.

Lay down some drop cloths in the doorway and along common walking pathways.

You don't want to have to take your shoes off and on each time you come inside with a new load of boxes. You don't want to walk across your clean new floors with dirty shoes, either. So, lay down some drop cloths (old sheets or tablecloths work, too) in the entryway and along pathways you have to take to the places you'll be leaving furniture and boxes.

Once you've completed these tasks, it's time to start unpacking the moving truck. Enjoy your new space!

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