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Make Your Life Easier by Keeping These Items in Your Storage Unit

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When you keep some possessions in a storage unit close to your home, you'll often find yourself making visits to the facility to pick up certain things. The last thing you want is to get the facility, open up your storage unit, and then realize that you're missing a key tool or other implement that would make the job you're doing much easier. It's worthwhile to put together a small toolbox of essential items and keep it in the storage unit. This way, you'll always have some important items readily available when they're needed. Here are some useful things to keep in this toolbox.

Utility Knife

If you've thoroughly taped up the boxes in your storage unit, it can be difficult to open them up to find what you're looking for. Slicing through the packing tape with your car key isn't a real option, as it will leave you with a messy result and can be difficult. To avoid this hassle, simply keep a utility knife in the toolbox. You'll be able to use it to easily open anything you're looking for.

Packing Tape

Once you've opened up a box, you'll want to seal it back up to keep the dust out. The best way to approach this task is to ensure that you have a roll of packing tape stored in the toolbox. This will allow you to get the job done properly and tidily, rather than folding the individual flaps of the box over each other and potentially tearing them.


The light that hangs above your storage unit can occasionally burn out, and it's almost certain that you aren't carrying a replacement bulb with you. Instead of having to visit the rental office and ask for a technician to arrive with a light bulb while you wait, it's better to store a flashlight in the toolbox. You'll be able to use it to find what you need, and then you can worry about replacing the bulb another time when you're not in a rush.

Basic Tools

Sometimes, you'll need to take apart an item in the storage unit to fit in your vehicle, and doing so won't necessarily be possible without some tools. For example, perhaps you transported a table to the storage facility in a moving truck, but now you need to take it back home, and you only have your vehicle. Keeping a multi-tip screwdriver and a basic wrench set in the toolbox should be enough to help you get such basic jobs done.

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